You can be Successful in Ghana without a University Degree

University of Ghana students

Without helping you with specific names, I would like you to first of all know that there are many, many rich men and women in Ghana without a university degree, just as there are in many other countries. Before you continue reading, I would also like you to pause and think about the rich footballers, musicians, craftsmen, businessmen and women and ask yourself how many of them have university degrees.

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The Value of University Certification

Success in a particular field requires more than just university education. Vision, passion and hardwork are not qualities awarded with a university degree. Getting a university degree costs thousands of cedis (dollars in some universities in Ghana), yet once you graduate there is no guarantee of success. Something you’ll call a risky investment. Many rich men and women in Ghana and everywhere became rich without a piece of paper stating that they were approved to be in the workforce.

Opportunities for No-Degree Holders

Thousands of opportunities abound for people without university degrees in Ghana, to become rich, and famous as well. From my findings, over 70% of jobs in Ghana do not require you to be a university graduate to be able to perform. It’s common to find university graduates fighting for jobs not ‘fit’ for their level of education, due to the scanty job opportunities available for them. There is however, no concrete evidence that they do better on those jobs than those without degrees.

Business acumen does not necessarily come with university education. Anyone can make it in business with the right mindset and attitude. Opportunities for business abound in Ghana and admission is not based on academic intellect.

Final words

So am I saying university education is needless? No. It is only a stepping stone for some people. Find your own stepping stone. Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Dave Thomas, David Green, Larry Ellison, Kevin Rose and Michael Dell are a few well-known names in the world that did not obtain college degrees, but yet are very rich – millionaires and billionaires. Today, in this information age, there are many ways of learning. Information abounds (online and everywhere) and you can equally become educated, if you want to, but not within the confined walls of a university.

Again, you must encourage yourself that with or without a university degree, you can become successful in Ghana, and everywhere. A driven personality always finds a way