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Livestock Farming

Livestock farming is a booming business in Ghana and the trend is not dying anytime soon. With 25+ million mouths to feed daily, there will always be demand for livestock products. However, lack of technical know-how and the use of old fashioned equipment are the major factors hampering the growth of this industry. If you can come in with adequate knowledge and the patience to nurture this business, you will reap immensely. Now you can choose to either venture into livestock breeding of animals or better still, you can stick to livestock feed production or equipment retailing. Poultry, pig, cattle are among the high income generation livestock farming.


Ghana is blessed with a lot of food and natural resources; and most of these natural resources are raw materials needed for the production of some finished products. Every day, tons of raw materials and food products leave the shores of Ghana to countries such as India, Vietnam, China, USA, UK, Brazil, etc; yet, the demand is never met. You can become an exporter by simply registering with the Ghana Import and Export Promotion Council and decide on the specific product you wish to export. Examples of products highly in demand are Chili pepper, Kola nuts, Bitter Kola, Gari, Cocoa, Groundnut, Yam, Cashew nuts, Tomatoes, coffee, shea butter, salt etc


Ghana is blessed with a lot of mineral resources like Gold, Diamond, Iron ore, Bauxite, etc.I recommend these four ways of getting real gold from Ghana1. by buying your own land or concession and mine your own gold,

2. by investing in already established small scale mining companies ( that is to assist in getting them certain equipment or machinery) in this case they sell their gold to you at a reasonable price or they share with you all proceeds from their concession as they mine.

3. by prefunding an already well established and well established and well known refinery to purchase gold for you and export it to your refinery on weekly or monthly basis. There are highly trusted refineries that could be recommended. The only reason why any refinery will sell gold at a discount is because they receive the money ahead of delivery.

4. Setting up your own buying office and purchasing gold on daily basis from local miners, who produce in pounds and grams.

These are the major ways to acquire real gold and avoid gold scammers completely.

Setting up Small Private refinery

There are lots of business opportunities in the oil and gas sector. Building a private refinery and refining crude oil is another business you should look into because there is a lot of potential in it. It is a known fact that most of petroleum products consumed in Ghana are imported. Since there is no more petrol subsidy in Ghana, this business will be a very profitable one.Just make little research about it if you have ample capital.

Security Company

There is a huge demand for excellent security services in Ghana. As the government battle to improve the security situation in the country, individuals and corporate entities are now becoming aware of the fact that security is not the responsibility of the government alone; it is a collective responsibility. Hence, the current increase in demand for security guards, bodyguards, executive protection professionals and security gadgets or devices.

Construction company

Ghana is still a developing country especially in the area of infrastructure but this is set to change in the nearest future. Massive constructions are currently on-going in Ghana ranging from bridges, roads, towers and skyscrapers, etc

Real Estate development

Ghana’s property market is dominated by residential and commercial development.

The residential market is the most active, registering an estimated 85,000 transactions per annum over the past decade.

Commercial property is the second largest segment in the market and includes office accommodations and retail space.

The industrial segment is significantly smaller in size than the commercial market, while recreational and civic/cultural property development is virtually non-existent.

It is time to invest in Property Development!

Put your money in the following projects where returns are guaranteed:

Construction of residential houses: low cost housing, high rise quality apartments, retirement villages; Industrial houses: light industrial parks, warehousing facilities) and Commercial houses (regional and local shopping centers/malls, office accommodation, storage etc. Ghana’s housing deficit was estimated at about 1.7 million in 2014 and expected to grow to 2 million by 2018. This would require about 200,000 units to be built each year for the next 10 years. The deficit has forced prices upwards, leading to high margins in the sector. Outright sale of residential houses in Ghana yield an average of 100% returns on amount invested in building it. Depending on the location, investors could earn almost 3 times amount invested. Rental properties have 5 years payback period on average, and again it depends on the location and the type of property (residential or commercial). It is a known fact that shelter is one of the basic needs of man. Now for those who wouldn’t want to go through the ups and downs of running a business, you can choose to invest in development of hotels, school hostels for students, shopping malls, residential apartments, etc.

Importation of wears

Clothing is another basic need of man. Regardless of the economy, people must wear clothes and this includes shoes, bags, underwear, perfumes, etc. Now there is a fast growing trend now and that is “Used clothes” Since the economy is getting tougher and there’s need to be clothed, the masses have resolved to buying used clothes rather than new ones. Still yet, there is a market for new clothes; for men, women, and kids. materials from China, Hong Kong, Italy, France, Dubai, India, are mostly imported into the country.

Waste Management

Waste management is another business with a future potential because Ghanaians are yet to imbibe the habit of proper waste disposal. However, companies like Zoomlion have been doing a lot to encourage proper waste disposal and management. Now there are several businesses you can start within the waste management niche and these include waste recycling, waste disposal, junk hauling, organic fertilizer production, etc.

Food processing

Another profitable industry to consider is the food processing industry. The concept of this industry is simply to take raw food materials and turn them into finished products. In fact, there are a lot of businesses you can do in this niche and examples of such businesses include Tomato puree production, Gari Processing, oil palm processing, groundnut processing, Fruit juice production, Rice milling, Beverage production.

FMCGs (distributors, wholesalers and retailers)

Ghana’s population of over 25 million makes fast-moving consumer goods a profitable venture. Selling products like milk, sugar, salt, biscuits, drinks, groceries, Toothpick, Tissue paper, Serviette, chalk production, candle, Match sticks, nylons and polythene bags, cartons, paper bags, diapers, sachet and bottled water, and similar items can be a very profitable business. Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers and other players along the value chain of FCMGs are making good money if their businesses are well-organized. Margins on these products range between 1 and 10 percent with products turned at least once a week.

Catering services

Catering services and food vendors in Accra and other major cities in Ghana have three elements in the price of the food they sell. 33 percent of the price is direct cost of preparing the food (ingredients mostly). Another 33 percent for overheads and the remaining 33 percent for profit. Catering services have very short trade cycles. Most of them sell virtually everything in a day, making about 33 percent margin in the process. A minimum of 15% margin is expected on sales. How much you earn is directly based on how often you sell and the volumes.


Quality education is highly sought after at all levels. From pre-school to post-graduate education, there are deficits in educational facilities. Parents are willing to pay high premium for quality education of their wards. Graduates are also willing to pay considerable amounts of money to upgrade their educational credentials to remain or become very employable and also for career advancement. Educational institutions charge exorbitant fees to provide education. Investors would be expected to reap returns of about 80% or more after recouping capital expenditure.

Health Services

Staying healthy is every man’s concern. Whether we are conscious of this or not, we do everything possible to keep our health and be alive. Provision of quality healthcare is not adequate in the country. Investors can look at any of the businesses in health and fitness industry of Ghana. Pharmacies, health insurance, chemical stores, herbal medicine, fitness centers, hospitals and related services are all services Ghanaians patronize.


Though capital intensive, road transport business is a lucrative one in Ghana. Taxi and mini-buses in the cities and those that ply intercity highways are very good businesses. Payback periods are usually 1 year after which profits are expected in the range of 50 to 100 percent per annum. It is also quite risky but with the right information and risk minimization strategies including comprehensive insurance, you’re sure of constant cashflow and sustainable business. Many have failed in this business by not giving it the required attention.It is a business that requires constant monitoring and maintenance of fleet.

As an experienced business consultant, i have helped a couple investors succeed in setting up their businesses in Ghana. From registering with Government agencies to securing potential clients.

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