Why Being Part of ‘Let’s Clean Ghana’ Campaign Benefits You More Than Anyone

sesawosuban and Let's clean Ghana

Ghana’s filth is canvassing the cities and towns at an unimaginable rate, so much so that you wonder if anyone cares. On the contrary, almost everyone cares, but only to the extent of complaining about it. We have heard so many complaints and lip-service, a few actions taken here and there in a rather unsustainable manner. Governments and private institutions have played a role in cleaning the filth in our streets, but that also falls short of what is required to keep the streets and marketplaces clean. Let’s clean Ghana.

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Several campaigns have been launched by government agencies and private institutions to keep Ghana clean. These have seen short-term successes where the streets become clean on Saturdays and by Monday, it’s as if there had never been any form of cleaning exercise.

Who is at the Centre?

It is not difficult to understand that the filth is caused by the individuals who live and/or use the marketplaces and streets, through indiscriminate disposal of waste. By the same understanding, we are able to say that the individuals are primarily responsible for the poor sanitation in our towns, marketplaces, streets and city corners.

Your Role

Rather than blaming governments and government agencies, or looking up to giant corporate institutions to channel their earnings to keeping Ghana clean, it is far easier to change your bad habit about waste disposal and general sanitation in Ghana.

Your Benefits

Wealth is money. It is as simple as that. To make money, you need to be healthy first. Health is the currency of life. It is what takes us to work and back home each day. It is what we need to pursue our dreams. It is as basic to making money as life itself.

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To make money, in the manner we desire, we first as Ghanaians have be part of every movement or campaign aimed at improving sanitation. If you play your role and keep Ghana clean, you are not only improving the sights and scenes of mother Ghana, but also keeping yourself healthy first and all other inhabitants of the country healthy.

Everyone is Involved

Whichever industry you find yourself working, or aspire to work, and wherever you live, there’s no insulation from the effects of the sanitation of the country in which you live and work. It affects everyone equally. So, why not join the “Let’s Clean Ghana” campaign by dutifully executing your role as citizens or visitors to the country. Stop indiscriminate loitering of streets, put all rubbish in trash bins and cover them where necessary, dispose rubbish in a responsible manner, avoid choking the gutters with carrier bags and other forms of waste.

Readers of this blog are usually those seeking career and business advice, and those seeking avenues and opportunities to make money. I find it important to also let you know that to achieve these, you first have to be in good health. Change your bad habit, if it’s not pro-sanitation. Let’s clean Ghana.