Incredible: How I Manage Disagreements In My Team

Manage disagreements

Part one

As a leader of a team you are responsible for all the members in your team. And to have a great team, the members must get along with each other. Two people may absolutely disagree given the competing and different interests, needs, and agenda.

It is ideal to talk to those in disagreement to resolve their disagreement without getting yourself involved. But when you decide to intervene it is important you adopt and project your mediation skills rather than your authority. Make it clear to each member of the team that their disagreement is harmful to the success of the organization and themselves as well.

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Dictating what people should do in conflict resolution will only lead them to become more dependent on you, to figure out their disputes for them. Also, they are more likely to own the decision and follow through with it, if they’re involved in making it.

There will be times when you’ll have to put aside your mediator role and decide how the conflict will be resolved especially when all other avenues have failed to resolve the conflict.

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By Rebecca Essilfie