Majority of Ghanaians Shop at General Stores, Road Side Kiosks and Table tops

If you’re waiting to save enough money that will enable you secure a shop at one of Ghana’s few shopping malls before you start pursuing your dream business then here’s something that will make you think twice.

Consumer packaged goods categories account for 41 percent of total monthly household expenditure. This represent a large market for those who have interest in selling consumer packaged goods. It is definitely not a market that can be served by only supermarkets and shopping malls. Simply because all Ghanaians do not have access to the few malls located often in the cities in the southern half of Ghana.

Many would-be entrepreneurs are holding back their dreams simply because they cannot afford a shop at major malls or cannot pay for rent for a perfectly located roadside space for supermarket. You need not hold back simply because you don’t have the funds. No matter how small your capital, you can move straight into this huge market which often presents decent margins. Fortunately, the larger parts of consumers of these goods do not buy from shopping malls and supermarkets.

According to a Nielsen survey, majority of Ghanaians, do most of their shopping at general stores or from road side kiosks that sell almost everything from beverages to mobile recharge vouchers. While there are supermarkets in Ghana’s major cities, they are not as popular as container shops, kiosks, general stores or table tops. All consumer packaged goods categories are chiefly bought from traditional trade channels (as container shops, kiosks, general stores or table tops), while only 11 percent of respondents use supermarkets or hypermarkets as their primary channel for groceries.

It’s a big market out there with different kinds of consumers. However you start, you’ll definitely get people to buy from you. Yours is to keep the pricing reasonable because in the consumer packaged goods category, pricing is very essential to customer attraction and retention.

So, why should you hold back when you can get a good corner shop or a kiosk and obtain the necessary permits to start trading? If you work hard, your humble beginnings would be rewarded and you’ll soon be living your dream.