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‬ The Maiden Edition of the National Science and Maths Quiz #‎NSMQ2016


This year’s edition is  the “real” maiden edition of the National Science and Maths Quiz.

Until now, It’s only been a contest that quietly airs on GTV like a Saturday morning ritual and rewards only good schools a trophy we never got a glimpse of.

Most high school people typically would know about pageants their schools weren’t even a part of and  attend every funfair as far as the hills in Aburi.

Talk about an annual science and Maths quiz and the same young, vibrant minds are completely clueless about what a science riddle even sounds like.

That “thing” was left alone for the overly dedicated science student to attend to.

This year, the story took a different turn; the old denouement completely dissolved and resolved.

The hype got everybody looking forward to it like the premiere of a movie sequel which first part didn’t quite end  well.

The branding was unusually  professional. From the massive social media presence, the endless trail of #NSMQ tweets that kept Twitter awake right down to the electronic advertisement on a billboard at Okplongo, every Ghanaian who sat in the sweaty Legon traffic or owned a compulsory facebook account would know that some “acaDEMIC” was about to hit the city.

It was as though everybody was experiencing it for the first time.

Old Students of high schools painted friends’ timelines with hails  of their alma mater and indirect dares!

Its been fun to notice older people taking keen interest in a quiz that has less and less to do with their jobs and family.

The contests were thrilling. The suspense was real. No soothsayer could have followed through with the scores.

The scores would be very close from round to round  and invited so much excitement  when the winning school eventually fastened their seat belt and sped off to victory.

There were times the story of Leicester City resurfaced and sank proud Titanics.

There came moments when Kwame Botwe’s mum asked who stole the meat and the whole quiz household shouted “Botwe awe”

At the end of the game, the Christmas fathers stole the whole show.

It turns out we fell for their Santaclausian kindness and let them lift the trophy like a gift.

Now, we look forward to massive comebacks and resounding victories.

Now,  it feels easier to say that the quiz is part of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths development in Ghana.

We woke up one morning to Science and Maths resurrected in a Grandstyle.

Now, the whole nation is in rivalry over a trophy that represents innovation, confidence and growth among the youth

Congrats to all participating schools.


Kudos to the organizing  Team!

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