Former University of Ghana Student Goes Big on Makeup Business; Heres How

Makeup Business

Climbing to the top of the industry (Makeup Business) is a strong woman who has combined her dreams and aspirations with the challenges of entrepreneurship into what is now a layer of finesse and unimaginable beauty.
Mega Amegashie is a graduate of the University of Ghana who has chosen to pursue a dream inspired by her love for colours and a belief that everyone can look pretty. She has challenged herself to building a strong brand in the care & beauty industry as an astute, yet versatile and creative make-up artist.

She started two years ago with just a handful of customers, mostly friends and family members. Realizing the constant referrals that she got as a result of exquisite work, she decided to take her passion to the next level.

She participated in the Sleek Ambassador competition, where she gained tremendous knowledge, skills and experience as she worked through various challenges in the very educational competition, which saw her as a semi-finalist.

She saw her customer base rise steadily and, at the same time, received tens of requests for apprenticeship from many Ghanaian youths who desired to learn and become make-up artists. She now trains and works with six of these ladies to cast her artistic glory as pure layer of beauty and classic flamboyance on the faces of her customers.
She has worked with customers from different walks of life; bankers, bridal teams, celebrities, politicians, presenters, students and almost everyone. Her good work has crossed the boundaries of Ghana to neighbouring countries like Ivory Coast, Mali, Senegal, and The Gambia. Mega is bilingual, speaking English and French with ease.[prp prp_theme=”beside post with image”]

Like many business and startups, Meegah’s Makeover ran into a couple of challenges. Notable among them was finding new customers; as the makeup industry is one in which people do not easily switch artists. You’ll need to do a lot for a prospective customer to trust you to do a good work with his or her body, especially the face. Referrals have been her major source of new customers, but she also has her social media pages (Meegha’s Makeover on Facebook and Megas Gallery on Instagram) bringing in new customers as well.

The business had challenges with the availability of high grade materials needed to grace the faces of her cherished clients, but she has been able to contact suppliers directly to avoid stock-outs and, at the same time, beat down costs.

Mega takes her service to her clients at the comfort of their homes or other specified locations, guaranteeing her customers’ convenience, at affordable prices that meet every customer’s purse. Meegah’s Makeover is now one of the rising names in Ghana’s make-up industry, a fast growing and highly competitive industry.

In the future, Mega hopes to use the human body as her medium, applying makeup and prosthetics for film, fashion, television, theater, magazines, and other similar programs, including the modeling industry. Hopefully, through her hard work, she will be recognized by powerful brands like the Academy award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, the Emmy Awards, and the Golden Globes.

For make-ups and hairstyling, Meegah’s Makeover is certainly a name to look out for. A touch of class; A touch of beauty; A touch of style; A touch of glamour.