Fast Moving Businesses in Ghana that Require Small Capital

fast moving businesses

One of the most profitable investments to put your money in is a business engaged in fast moving stocks. Such businesses sell their stock and replenish them at least once a week. This means that you make 52 times the profit in a single year.


Selling consumer goods like milk, sugar, salt, which are consumed on daily basis is a solid path to riches. My friend earns GHc11,000 a month after starting his drinks retail business two years ago with GHc25,000. That’s how fast your money grows when you sell fast moving consumer goods in a populated city like Accra. Lagos, Nairobi and other populous cities offer similar opportunities.

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Block factory

This one probably didn’t come to mind. Accra is a fast growing city and the real estate sector is growing faster. Real estate companies are building everywhere; within and outskirts of Accra. Individuals are also putting up structures everywhere. Block factories are one of the major gainers of this real estate growth. A concrete block sells for GHc3 in Accra. Manufacturers make at least 50 pesewas (GHc0.50) per block. If you are located in a developing neighbourhood and offer transportation as a bonus service (like many do) then you are in to make good money. Depending on your production efficiency and volumes, and control of other indirect costs, your margins could be GHc1 per block. It’s a volume business and you can make GHc10,000 gross profit in a month on a small-scale.

Equipment and Machinery Rentals

Renting building equipment and machinery like mixers and canopies, ceremony items like chairs, tables and tents, vans and cars for transport, and sound/audio systems (PA systems) are also fast moving businesses. At least once every week there’s business for you if you market yourself well. It usually takes less than 12 months to recoup original investment and the profits begin to pour in that point onwwards. Profit margins are about 60 percent per annum.

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Teaching as a Business

If you are a trained or certified teacher, then your season of riches just begun. Working parents are gradually getting used to home-tuition. This practice has been around for years but in recent times, the quest to seek high quality education for our children is growing. Private schools are always on the look-out for well-trained and experienced teachers. Come together with fellow teachers and form a group or association and actively search for opportunities to teach on private basis or in private schools in Accra, referring each other in the process for subjects where one has knowledge and expertise than the other. Teaching is lucrative, if you find yourself at the right place –  even on part-time basis. It’s fast moving and its profitable.


Most Ghanaians eat bread or another bakery product at least once a week. That’s big for a country with over 25million population. Bread and bakery products are fast moving if you’re properly located or have a good distribution network. Margin in the bakery business is about 20 percent and the more you sell, the more money you make. Small-scale bakery business does not require more than GHc10,000 to start and operate. Pick your days, a reliable distribution network and appropriate price, and you’re sure to be in business for a long time, making money.

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Food endors

Ghana and Nigeria have many food vendors busily selling local staples by the roadside in small structures or on tabletops. Whenever you see one, never underestimate the cash they make on daily basis. Margins can be as high as 33% on daily basis. You can start a similar business in your neighborhood, if you can cook well. If you cannot, you could consider investing in one, but with a solid binding agreement. Passion matters in this business and you’ll need it.

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