Dealing with Bias in your Workplace

How to deal with workplace bias

Biases may be one of the rare things we experience in our lives but it does not go without saying. Bias is where preference is given to another by overlooking qualification and focusing and unnecessary factors such as culture, religion, gender, among others. Bias may be difficult to overcome but here are some tips to get you through the “fighting process”:

Have a powerful voice:  Having a powerful voice has nothing to do being sassy and attitudinal. Having a powerful voice means being able to speak out. You should be able to say what you feel is being done unfairly and stand for what you deserve. Note that, there is a difference between having a strong voice and being overly complacent and full of you. You should be able to stand for what is right, speak out when needed and be worthy of being heard.

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Be confident:  You must believe in yourself and not settle for what is below you. If you can be a writer, why settle for being a typist because it is believed that you don’t deserve to be a writer for some funny reason such as your gender or perhaps your religious background? Know what you want, believe in yourself, and fight for what you ought to be given.

Draw positive attention to yourself: Attention could be drawn through physical appearance, expression and speech. What kind of attention do you draw to yourself? How do you dress? What do you do when you are at work? Aside all these you feel you are the only one who is not given a good paying task? Look again at the kind of image you build and what you expect to be perceived as.

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Respect the job you do: Regard your job, whether you love it or not. Whatever the case or plan, that is where you are at the moment hence you should show that you are able to handle the least. Do you dress casually when you are supposed to be in a business meeting, or do you make excuses because you feel you should be exempted from a job you believe “only men should do”? Do you report to work late because you had a late night with your friends? Think again and start all over.

These may not completely eliminate biases experienced but trust me when I say it is a head start to breaking them.