7 Things Successful People Do With Their ‘Free time’

Surprisingly, the successful people are not working every hour of the day. Even though they put in more work than the average person, they still have time for activities other than business. Here’s what most millionaires, billionaires and successful CEOs do when they are not working.

  1. Have Fun

Yes, you can have fun and be successful at the same time. Most successful people take a break at least once a year, no matter how short the break is, to wind down. Vacations full of fun often rejuvenate the body and works wonders for the mind. This should lead to improvement in your productivity and overall well-being. If you feel taking a vacation from your business is intimidating or wrong, think of the benefits.

  1. Read

The benefits of reading regularly are many. It doesn’t matter much what you read. Reading blogs, magazines, newspapers, fiction and non-fiction books can all help you improve your vocabulary, broaden your perspectives, improve your memory and retention and help you generate new ideas for your business and career. The good thing about reading is that you don’t even have to sit for hours to do that, in modern times. Technology has made it possible to just listen to audio books while commuting.

  1. Volunteer

Successful people spend time volunteering, in part to give back to their communities and meeting people. Volunteering often brings all types of people together, regardless of the specific type of event. Seek out these opportunities, even if it is for a short period

  1. Network

The value of networking and networking events is enormous. And, successful people engage in this often. You should also take time to network.

  1. Learn

No matter how much you think they know, successful people are always learning. Learning, invariably leads to growth and for that matter, successful people always grab the opportunity to learn something new. This could be something related to their jobs or totally unrelated to what they do. And you should also take opportunities to learn new things, whether that happens through workshops, classes, seminars or the act of just approaching people and requesting to learn.

  1. Meditate

Mindfulness meditation, at its basic form, is simply a way to clear the mind of thought and be present in a given moment. Doing this for even 10 minutes a day can help you clear your mind, improve your memory, become more focused and reduce stress. Practice this at least twice a day.

  1. Exercise

Successful people often exercise regularly. Regular exercise is a trait of motivated and goal-oriented people. Exercising regularly is not only good for your body but the mind too. It gets you ready for the day and tasks ahead and successful people don’t pass the opportunity to exercise the body.