4 Ways Online Banking Benefits You And Your Business

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Despite the growth in internet use across the globe and particularly in Africa in recent times, there seem to be low adoption of online banking platforms in the execution of transactions permitted by these platforms. The reasons for adoption and use of internet-based banking are many. Everyone has a reason for using it or not using it.

In Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya, almost every mainstream bank has an e-banking platform for its customers, personal or corporate. Many of them are offering free mobile apps to make their online banking experience easier and convenient. Here are some ways you stand to benefit with online banking

Saves Time

Online banking saves you the time. Rather than dressing up and walking or driving to the nearest branch to transact, you could conveniently do this on your pc, phone or tablet in a matter 2 minutes. This allows you enough time to attend to other businesses that yields you or your business extra benefits.

Bank Anytime, Anywhere

Internet banking allows you to perform banking transactions at any time. You don’t have to wait to do business within the usual 8am to 5pm banking hours. At anytime and anywhere, you can perform transactions as long as you have access to internet.

Unlimited Transactions

Online banking platforms offer its users several transaction types to perform. They allow you to transfer money from your account to another account of the same bank, transfer money from your account to another account in a different bank, shop online using your electronic cards, check your balances, check your bank statement for up to 12 months with some banks, and monitor everything that happens to your accounts. And you can do all these for unlimited number of times.

It’s Free

Most banks in Ghana are offering online banking to their customers for free. You don’t have to pay extra charges to access and use or transact on their online platforms. It’s absolutely free in most banks. If your bank, is charging you then I expect it to be a negligible fee. You can also consider switching to other banks where you can enjoy all of the online services for free.

Secured and Convenient

Imagine moving around without physical cash, yet able to make payments and receive money. Most developed countries are already at this stage. In Africa, a large number of transactions are cash-based, with its associated risks. Internet banking allows you to make payments and receive money without coming into contact with physical cash. This reduces the risk that someone would rob you of your money, or that you’ll misplace it. The use of PINs, passwords, passcodes, etc to verify and authenticate entry makes it secured for anyone to use internet banking.

Contact your bank and sign up.